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How do I Complete the Online Quiz?

View our brief "How to Complete the Online Quiz" and "How to Print your Certificate"  videos. (instructions are the videos.)

View the brief "How to Print your Certificate" Video. 

Quiz Instructions

At the end of the 3rd Section of each course, you will see the "Click to Start Quiz" button. 

Click this button to begin the Quiz.

You must now enter your password to begin the quiz. This is required to ensure the integrity of the course. The password was supplied after you registered for the course and may also be found in the email which you received after registration.  

You will then be asked to enter your Name, License Number and your Email Address.

Make sure to enter your name, California license number and email address, as these will be printed on your certificate of completion. Click the Start Quiz button to begin the interactive quiz. 

The quiz will now start.
This is an interactive quiz and NOT a test. It is intended to reinforce course content. The system will inform you if selected an incorrect answer. You will then click the Try Again button to go back and select the correct answer. Every question must be answered. 

After completing the quiz you will see your certificate of completion. You may print the certificate and save it as a .pdf file.