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Is the Report Writing Course Approved by the DWC Medical Unit?

QMECEU.com is approved by the as DWC Medical Unit as Report Writing Provider #18 and DWC Medical Unit Continuing Education Provider #1240. 

Beginning 4/1/24 new QME Regulations require a 6 hour live/zoom class component. We do not currently offer this component and therefore will no longer be offering our Report Writing Course. 

- The following applies to pre April 1, 2024 Report Writing Course Registrants Only

The Report Writing course is approved until 3/6/26 and satisfies the DWC Medical Unit's 12 hour report writing course requirement for appointment as a California Qualified Medical Evaluator. 

You may complete the course before or after sitting for the DWC QME Examination.

While the 12 hour report writing course is not intended as a QME Examination preparation course, the course may assist in reviewing for the examination. If you do not pass the DWC QME Examination you may take the report course again prior to resitting the DWC QME Examination at no additional fee.