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How does the Online Report Writing Course Work?

Our online report writing course involves viewing 4 video presentation sections for a total of 12 hours.
- After viewing the 4 video sections you will compose a sample QME report which will be based on sample applicant data we will provide. 

- After you have composed your sample report, save it as an MS Word .doc or docx or a pdf file. Email your sample report to support@qmeceu.com

- If your report is satisfactory, and most reports are, we will return the report to you via email along with a web link to print out your certificate of completion. Click the web link which will open a dialog box. Enter your name and license number as you would like them to appear on your certificate of completion. Also enter your email address. This will open your certificate of completion which you may print by clicking the print icon at the lower left of the certificate image.

- Send your certificate of completion to the DWC Medical Unit along with your QME appointment application documents. 

The following video explains how the Report Writing Course works.  Please have a look.