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I Failed the QME Competency Exam. Can I use QMECEU.com Courses in Order to Retake the Exam?

Yes. According to California Labor Code, Article 2, Section 11 (see below), if you failed the competency examination 3 times, you are required to take a 6 hour course approved by the Administrative Director prior to sitting for the examination again.

 QMECEU.com course are approved for this purpose and you may retake the examination after completing one of our courses. For this purpose we recommend courses 1 or 2.

 (9) If an applicant fails the competency examination or fails to appear for a noticed QME examination for which the applicant has submitted a QME Exam Registration Form 102 (see, 8 Cal. Code Regs. § 102), the applicant may apply to take any subsequent examinations, upon submission of a new test application form and a fee of $125. An applicant who fails the exam three times shall show proof of having completed six (6) hours continuing education from a course approved by the Administrative Director prior to taking the examination again.